Suile™ is a topical ointment formulated for acute and chronic wound treatment. Suile Testimonials

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Around the world, hundreds of millions of patients suffer from chronic non-healing wounds. In the United States, this figure is estimated to be well over 10 million. Most people, at some point in their lifetime, experience acute wounding and there is a clear need to develop agents for the treatment of both chronic and acute wounds. The Testimonials from these patients are a true testament to Suile™.

More Testimonials to the
power of Suile™:

  • A 92 year old gentleman developed several stage II pressure ulcerations resulting from shear forces. Standard topical treatment resulted in no improvement. Suile™ was then applied daily. The wounds healed completely in seven days.
  • A patient in a skilled nursing facility with partial thickness perineal and buttock skin breakdown not improving with Zinc Oxide. Suile™ applied twice daily. All of the wounds were resolved in seven days.
  • A 71 year old female with skin breakdown of the abdominal wall, secondary to enterocutaneous fi stula. Treatment with Suile™ resulted in rapid improvement in three days.
  • Second Degree Burn Victim. Treatment with Suile™ resulted in dramatic improvement.

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